Definition, Purpose and Generic Structure Procedure Text

Definition,  Purpose and Generic Structure Procedure Text

A. Definition Procedure Text
     Before explaining about the generic structure, characteristics and procedure text for example, I'll start this explanation of defining procedure text either in English or in Indonesian. "Procedure text is a text that is designed to describe how something is Achieved through a sequence of actions or steps". So is the procedure text is a genre of text that serves to illustrate how something is done or accomplished through a sequence of actions or steps that correctly.

B. Purpose Procedure Text
    Communicative purpose of the procedure text is how a writer is able to hang the reader on how to do, finish or achieve something by way of a coherent and correct or procedural. Actual views of the term, we would have been able to understand what is meant with the procedure text. So maybe this is one genre of text without the previously described but we've been able to feel what the purpose of this text.

C. Generic Structure Text Procedure

     1.The Goal of Activity

        In this section, the author tries to explain about what is going to be made or achieved through a series of steps which will be explained in the next paragraph so that readers do not misunderstand what is being said.

     2. Any Materials Needed for Procedure

       Once the reader knows something to be made or achieved, then the author describes the material or materials to be prepared or needed to be something that can be achieved by either. So make sure all the ingredients or materials are complete before you start making it.

     3. Steps to Achieve the goal

       If the materials or the materials needed are complete, then the author tell you the steps that must be done in a coherent or sequence. So at this section the author should explain it in sequence and should not be jumping.

    4. Conclusion

       Conclusion contains about the end result of what has been done in accordance with the steps that have been determined.