Procedure Text

Text Linguistic Procedure Rule Complex

        The rules of the language of the text complex procedure has its own characteristics. Linguistic traits that a text conjunction procedure is widely available, the command line, the imperative verb, verb material and behavior, as well as general human participants.

        Well, the explanation of the rules of procedure of complex linguistic text is as follows:

1. Conjunction, there are many conjunctions in the text stating procedure time (activities), as then,           after that, then, and then. Words like that comes as a consequence of the steps for using something        that is chronological.
2. The verb imperative (command), the text of many common procedures imperative sentences. The         consequences of the use of the command line, there are many verb imperative, which says that             states the order, requirement, or a ban.
3. Verba material and behavior, a material verb that refers to the physical act while the verb behavior       is an act done with the expression.
4. Participants humans, in terms of human participants in general we simply check if the text edit            prosdur complex that we are human participants and participants were not specifically human.

        Well, below are a few examples of the complex procedures of text which you can use as reference material for you. You can change part or entirely in accordance with your wishes. Here is an example of a complex procedure text:

Examples of complex text Procedure: How to Make Hair Tie

          Tie the hair is usually used by girls, both for pigtail and for Headbands. Scrunchy made not just to tie, but also there is an element of dressing. Therefore, preparations have to be done creatively. To create a ponytail, how easy. Follow the steps below.
Tools and materials

1. Scissors and pencils
2. Rope kur according to the needs

Steps to make:

1. kur rope is cut into two parts. Each section is folded in two so that all four ropes.
2. Prepare a pencil long enough. Make a head node with the help of a pencil.
3. Make a flat knot
4. Do it until all the rope into the fabric knot. Make a set of variations to simpu not monotonous. If necessary, use additional accessories.
5. Tie the hair is ready for use.

Examples of complex text Procedure: How to Make Meatballs


300 Gr Beef, 3 Sdm Wheat Starch, 3 Fruit Garlic, crushed, 1 Grain Eggs (whiteness Only), 1 Tsp Baking Powder, 1 Tsp Salt Fine, 1 Fruit Maggi Block, Pepper Powder Moderation, Nutmeg Powder Moderation, Air Moderation


1. First mix all the above ingredients in a blender until well blended and smooth, repeat many times
2. Second, after a smooth and uniform, shape into meatballs dots by using 2 small spoons.
3. Third, the water Prepare and enter one by one the spheres meatballs were already formed, wait for it to cook.