Past Tense

In English Past Tense, while Indonesian if there is no need to learn, because the verb does not change. Like the Present Tense, Past Tense then it was divided into 4: Some Simple Past or called Past Tense, there are Past Continuous Tense, Prefect Past Tense and the Past Perfect Continuous Tense.

The point of the Past Tense is to express an event that has "Past". Past here there must have been a long time very well, the point is passed, has passed. That's the emphasis. Maybe yesterday, an hour ago, 2 years ago, two centuries ago, and so on. All that has "Past". After reading this description you will understand more deeply. Pairs of eyes ear plug and reinforce the intention yes, 

Past Tense formula:
Positives: S + V2
Negatives: S + did not + V1
Q: Did + S + V1
Remember, I mean V2 is the Verb or Verb form 2nd. About verb you can read in Verbs

Complicated formulas Past Tense?
Really! Uh no, just continue reading ..

Your first prescribe that the auxiliary verb "DO" DO present form, both forms (Form Past) is DID. If the right Present: I do not ... then its Past: I did not ....

I've just explained above this will make it easier to learn Past Tense Negative Sentences and Sentence Tanya. Just remember DO so DID. .

Example Sentences Past Tense:
-I Launched this blog on 14th july 2009

This means:
I launched or launching a blog is dated 14 July 2009.
It was past right?

The verb form of the "Launched", is classified as irregular verbs, just add ED behind the launch.

Okay we continue on this Tense Paste yes.

Another example:

We'll use a 1-2-3 verb form below:

see - saw - seen (viewed)
buy - bought- bought (buy)
go - went - gone (go)

-I saw her standing there (I saw her standing there).
-My Father bought this car last year
-they went to Tokyo last month
-She went home two minutes ago

All that has happened, already seen, bought the car last year also, to Tokyo last month, the return (went home) are also 2 minutes ago. We use the Past Tense. Understand huh?

Sentence Negative Past Tense
According the formula: S + did + not + V1

Look closely, verb changed again to form the first (V1). Then verb past her to where? Moving to her DID it. Was not it above've already said:

-V2 V1 - V3: Do - Did - Done

So we use "Did". Because negative then added "Not". So Did Not! hehe..

Positive sentence earlier, we make the negative:
-I saw her standing there
Being: I did not see her standing there

Look saw so see again. See-saw-seen right form of the verb?

Yes true, dealing with the Past Tense then you need to have a lot of repertory Verbs.

Positives: My Father bought this car last year
Negatives: My Father did not BUY this car last year

You try the two is yes:
-they went to Tokyo last month. So ....
-She went home two minutes ago. So ....

Tanya sentence Past Tense
If you already know the negative sentence Past Tense then stayed behind interrogative sentence, her DID in front of Subject.

Positives: My Father bought this car last year
Q: Did My Father BUY this car last year

You try the two is yes:
-they went to Tokyo last month. So ....
-She went home two minutes ago. So ....

It is fine to add to the Where, When, Why and forth like this:

-When did my father buy this car?
-Why did they go to tokyo?

Thus on Past Tense.