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Mata Pelajaran            :    Bahasa Inggris              Kelas/Jurusan            :    X/Semua Jurusan Hari/Tanggal  :    ..  Desember 2016         Alokasi Waktu            :    120 Menit

a.    Isikan Identitas Anda kedalam lembar jawaban yang telah tersedia
b.    Periksa dan bacalah soal – soal sebelum Anda menjawabnya
c.    Selesaikan soal jawaban sesuai dengan perintah dan gunakanlah bollpoint/pulpen hitam/biru 
d.    Dahulukan jawab soal – soal yang diannggap  mudah
e.    laporkan kepada Pengawas apabila terdapat lembar soal yang kurang jelas, rusak atau tidak lengkap
f.     Mintalah kertas buram kepada pengawas bila diperlukan
g.    Periksalah pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada Pengawas 

 Choose the correct answer by crossing  a,b,c or d  !

1.      When she arrives  at  school 6.45 am, Atty greets her teacher by saying ….
a.    Good morning  
b.    Good night                          
c.    Good afternoon
d.    Good bye
2.      Ridwan           : I really … for disturbing you.
Mrs Rika        : It’s Ok
a.    Sorry
b.    Fine
c.    apologized
d.    That’s nice
3.      Rika                      : Let me introduce  my self. I am Rika, I am….
George                 : How do you Rika?
a.    Thank you                
b.    Oh, OK                   
c.    Sixteen years old
d.    Hello
4.      Yuni served delicious dinner to her guest, Anita.
Anita                     : Thank you for the delicious dinner, Yuni.
Yuni                      : ….
a.     I’m  very hungry  too          
b.    Don’t  eat  too  much          
c.    That’s very bad
d.    You are welcome
5.      They always … late in the morning. His mother is always angry with him.
a.    Waken up                
b.    Worked out                         
c.    Woke up
d.    Wake up
6.      Riri    : Raka, Diana… not here at the moment.
Raka    : I see.
a.    Is              c.    Am                 
b.    Do            d.    Does
11.   Tities    : Where is your class room located?
Anna    : It’s at the …. Of our school building.
a.    Beside
b.    First floor
c.    Second
d.    Inside
12.   Roni    : What is the second day after Sunday?
Deny   : It is ….
a.    Sunday                      c.    Tuesday       
b.    Monday                     d.    Friday
13.   Suryana is from Bogor. His country is …. And his language in  Indonesian.
a.    China
b.    Japan
c.    Singapore
d.    Indonesia
17.   The shape of a coin is …..
a.    Triangle                     c.    Rectangle           
b.    Round                       d.    Circle
18.   The size of elephant is ….
a.    Long                          c.    Thin                     
b.    Small                         d.    Big
19.   The shape of … is cylinder.
a.    Ball                            c.    Coin                        
b.    Table                         d.    Pipe
20.   The antonym of these words;  beautiful, tall,  and slim are…
a.    Handsome, tall, slim              d.    Fat, tall, short
b.    Slim, ugly, good                     
c.    Ugly,  short, fat
21.   Andi is a good person, he always kind to everybody.  The synonym of  “good” is ….
a.    Nice                           c.    Bad                      
b.    Fine                           d.    Naughty
22.   Teacher : Siska, do you know the celebration of independence day?
Siska       : I know, it is on ….
a.    August 17th                c.    November 10th
b.    In August                   d.    October 17th
23.   How do you say in English 2015?
a.      Two thousand and fifteen
b.      Two thousand fifteen
c.      Two thousand and one five.
d.      Two thousand one five
24.   X    : ….
Y    : No, she is short, she is only 140 centimeter high.
a.    Is she your sister?
b.    Is your sister tall?
c.    Where is your sister?
d.    How is your sister
25.   X   : …. Do you wear in shoes?
Y   : It’s 40
a.    What shape
b.    What size
c.    What material
d.    What is made of
26.  Dewi         : Hi, Lina, Long time no see. How are you?
Lina          : …
a.    I gotta go now, sorry.
b.    I’m in hurry. See you later.
c.    I’m fine, thank you. How about you?
d.    It’s so nice to meet you.
27.  Lian          : Sorry Jess, it’s 5 p.m. I have to go. I have another appointment.
Jesse        : Okay, …
a.    See you later.
b.    I’m afraid I have to keep you a bit longer.
c.    You may go after I finish this.
d.    You have to wait for me.
28.  Gia           : It’s late. I better go home now.
Trio           : …
a.   Don’t forget to meet me tomorrow.
b.   Good night. See you tomorrow.
c.   Be careful.
d.   Don’t stay up late.
29.  Diana        : I have some assigments to do.
Mr. Arif     : Oh, is that so? Okay, you may leave early, then.
a.   Would you allow me to do them?
b.   Could you allow me to go?
c.   Excume me.
d.   Would you mind if I left dinner before it ends?

Questions 30-34 are based on the text below.

My friends and I love to hang out together. We usually get together on the weekends, and go to some places to have some fun. Usually, we go to a mall or  cinema to watch a movie. However, if there are no interesting places we can go to, we will make our own games and play them by ourselves joyously.
The games we create are teamwork ones. We divide ourselves into two teams to play the games. We make all the rules, instructions, and punishments. Then, we will play our newly-created games and become closer through them. By making and playing our games together, we learn to cooperate, work in teams, and be responsible together. We also have so much fun doing it. I think this is one of the reasons why our friendship in unbreakable.

30.  What does the writer and her friends lo to do together?
a.    Hang out.                                c. Sleep over.
b.    Mourn                                      d. Study.
31.  What are the things that they make and play by themselves?
a.    Board games.
b.    Toys.
c.    Games.
d.    Fashion items.
32.  The word joyously has similar meaning with …
a.    Mournfully
b.    Eerily
c.    Crazily
d.    Happily
33.  We make all the rules, instructions, and punishment.
The underlined word refers to …
a.    The games player
b.    My friend and I
c.    The referees
d.    The ruler
34.  What is the advantage of making and playing their games by themselves according to the writer?
a.    It makes the bond of their friendship stronger.
b.    It entertains themselves when they are bored.
c.    They are able to understand each other.
d.    They get some money from them.

Questions 35-38 are based on the text below.

Read the following bill and then answer the questions.
Garden Restaurant
Table No. 12
Number of customers:3
1 chicken
Rp                                                        15,000
2 burgers
Rp                                                        20,000
1 soft drink
Rp                                                          5,000
1 juice
Rp                                                          8,000
1 coffe
Rp                                                          7,000
3 slices of pie
Rp                                                          9,000
Rp                                                        65,000
10% Tax
Rp                                                          6,500
Rp                                                        70,500
Cash only

35.  How many people ordered food?
a.    One                                                     c. Three
b.    Two                                                     d. Twelve
36.  What cost Rp8,000?
a.    A cup of coffee.
b.    A glass of juice.
c.    A slice of pie.
d.    A sandwich.
37.  How much does one burger cost?
a.    Rp.20,000
b.    Rp.10,000
c.    Rp.5,000
d.    Rp.15,000

38.  What are the customers asked to do?
a.    Pay with cash.
b.    Pay the waiter.
c.    Leave a tip.
d.    Give their money to the cashier.
39.  Sassy              : I lost my purse at the airport yesterday.
Vhino               : …
a.    I’m sorry to hear that.
b.    Wow, fantastic.
c.    Cool.
d.    Pardon me?
40.  Rani                 : It is very hot in here. I hate the weather today.
Boni                 : …
a.    Yes, the weather is depressed.
b.    Yeah, it is depressing.
c.    Hmm… it was exhauted.
d.    Indeed, it is boring.

***Good Luck***