A.                Meaning of Procedure Text
Procedure is a kind of text which describe the way to do, or to make something. It is a kind of tutorial.
Other examples of procedures text are: recipe, tutorial, itineraries (travel schedule), and many more.

B.                Generic Structure
1.      Goal : Title of the text (especially for a recipe).
2.      Materials : Optional, not for all procedural texts.
3.      Steps : a series steps oriented to achieving the Goal.

C.                Generic Features
1.      The use of Simple Present Tense, often in an imperative form e.g. Add some sugar, prepare it.
2.      The use mainly of temporal conjunction (or numbering to indicate sequence especially in written text).

D.                Purpose Text Procedure
Procedures help us do a task or make something. They can be a set of instruction or direction

E.                Example
1.      Goal

2.      Materials
Ø  a piece of rectangular paper.
Ø  a cut
Ø  Glue
Ø  Ruler

3.      Steps
Ø  Fold the paper approximately 1cm.
Ø  Fold the paper up to meet with the other end.
Ø  Fold the bottom of about 1cm.
Ø  Fold the top of approximately 2 cm.
Ø  Open the paper had been folded up open all over it.
Ø   Scissors several sections (may be the right or left) select one of them.
Ø  Place the glue to form the letter L.
Ø  Place the side to side that has been plastered with glue, so be versatile envelope.